Teaser: The VFC has a podcast!

Welcome to VT Untapped™, our new monthly podcast, bringing you stories from our archive and our ongoing ethnographic research.

Check out our teaser below and stay tuned for the first full episodes coming soon!

The Folklife Center strives to broaden, strengthen, and deepen our understanding of Vermont. We do this by listening closely to the people who live here, working to understand their experiences from their own perspectives.

Since the mid-70s we’ve criss-crossed the state, building a rich collection of audio. Through this podcast we’re bringing these recordings out of the archive and into the world--thousands of voices waiting to be heard! Each episode illuminates a certain aspect of life in Vermont, whether it’s one photographer’s immersion in drag queen culture, a game warden’s unlikely friendship, or a look at traditional music within the Bhutanese-Nepali community.

Folklife is everyday life. By sharing these stories, we aim to make Vermonters more visible to one another and feel more connected. Join us through Vermont Untapped as we learn about our state through the eyes of its own residents - who we were, who we are, who we’d like to be.

Vermont Untapped™ is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn and Spotify