Episode 4: Meet Cute

The “meet-cute” is as old as love itself.

‘How did you meet?’ is probably one of the most common questions couples receive. In the spirit of Valentine’s day we share these love stories recorded by VFC staff through interviews with friends, neighbors and family.

So what do we mean by “Meet Cute”? Well, the term refers to the conditions under which two potential partners meet—trust us, it’s in Oxford English Dictionary. Your true love could be on the other side of the desk at a job interview, at the end of a scavenger hunt, or the last one out of the clown car. Yes, these are all true stories and you’ll hear them in this episode!

We recorded more stories than we could fit in the episode so be sure to follow the link below to hear them all! Some are from earlier interviews and some more recent. All are pretty darn cute!

Eric’s drawing

Eric’s drawing

Interviews from this episode:

Eric and Jenny were originally interviewed by Trish Denton on February 3, 2019.

Jim and Polly were originally interviewed by Andy Kolovos on January 25, 2017

Mike and Kevin were originally interviewed by Mary Wesley on February 5, 2019.

To access the full interviews please contact the VFC Archivist.