Episode 1: Rainbow Cattle Co.

What’s my Drag?

That’s the question photographer Evie Lovett found herself asking after spending time with Kitty, Mama, Candi, and Sophia, all drag queens at the Rainbow Cattle Company, a gay bar in Dummerston, Vermont.

“If we’re not gonna fit in, I’m gonna to be fabulous and I’m going to be fun and I’m going to have a good time.”      —Candi

These men and women shed their daily lives as nurses, store managers, and executives to become larger-than-life personas with no fear and no filter. Greg Sharrow’s interviews and Evie Lovett’s beautiful black-and-white photographs show the power of drag to transform—both inside and out.

Mama talks about finding her way into drag performing (05:29); Candi recounts her surprising trip to buy an evening gown (11:00); Kitty brings her 70-year-old mother to a show (12:41); Sophia discusses drag as art form (16:20). The Rainbow Cattle Company is teeming with big personalities, small victories, and, of course, glitter.

Interviews from this episode:

The following ‘Ladies of the Rainbow’ were interviewed by Greg Sharrow and Evie Lovett:

  • Sophia: December 8, 2010

  • Candi: March 24, 2011

  • Mama: March 29, 2011

  • Kitty: July 25, 2011

Evie Lovett was interviewed by VFC intern Juliana Dunn on July 21, 2017

Eva, Mama and other Ladies of the Rainbow were interviewed by Evie Lovett on December 1, 2018 at the Holiday Drag Show at the VFW in Brattleboro, Vermont

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