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Drawing from the Past: A Nonfiction Comics Workshop

10am-2pm friday, October 20, 2017 at UVm Special Collections at the university of vermont

Sponsored by UVM Special Collections & the Vermont Folklife Center

Join NH teaching artist Marek Bennett's COMICS WORKSHOP for this hands-on non-fiction comics lab featuring materials from the Vermont Folklife Center and UVM Special Collections or materials you bring along.

We'll look at basic techniques of cartooning and comics creation, then try our hands at drawing original comics based on primary source texts.  Our discussions will address elements of readability, historical accuracy, point of view, research, and the responsibilities of the artist as an interpreter of historical narratives. 

Participants each create 1+ pages of original comics drawn from primary source texts, and go home with the skills necessary to continue their work independently. 

No experience required – everyone can draw comics!

Drawing from the Past is free and is limited to 20 participants. Registration is required. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis, and half of the slots are reserved for UVM Affiliates. If registrations exceed available space we will maintain a wait list.

Please contact Andy (akolovos@vermontfolklifecenter.org) with any questions.

Presented by the University of Vermont and the Vermont Folklife Center

Sponsored by Burack Distinguished Lecture Series, Fleming Museum, German and Russian Department, Carolyn and Leonard Miller Center for Holocaust Studies, Jewish Studies Program, Mollie Ruprecht Fund for Visiting Artists, Vermont Humanities Council, UVM Humanities Center, the Center for Research on Vermont & the Center for Cartoon Studies.


Organizing Committee

Isaac Cates (English), Glynnis Fawkes (Cartoonist), Anthony Grudin (Art and Art History), Andy Kolovos (Vermont Folklife Center), Jonah Steinberg (Anthropology) and Margaret Tamulonis (Fleming Museum).