In Every Blade of Grass / TJ Cunningham

Study, study, study, has been the focus of TJ Cunningham for the last year and a half. “I graduated with a commercial art degree last spring”, says Cunningham, “and during that four-year program only two oil-painting classes came my way.” That did not stop TJ from dedicating himself to painting. Although he spent the better part of his time at his easel, he was not able to spend very much time working from life.

Since his graduation, TJ has spent time making up for his lack of life-study. “My French-field easel has accompanied me everywhere and all of my recent paintings were either painted entirely from life or based on studies that were painted from life.” This adds a new perspective to Cunningham’s work. The demands placed on the artist are multiplied by changing light, freezing temperatures, and the fleeting expressions of his models. “I love to paint from life because I can see color and edges that are lost in photographs. But, its more than that! As I paint I am creating a visual biography of my journey through life as an artist. My paintings are visual memories of specific and wonderful experiences that will never take place again, it is my pleasure to share them with you.”

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— TJ Cunningham, Painter