Cartooning and Place

Andy has been interviewing a number of Vermont cartoonists to explore how being from - and living in - Vermont informs their work.

These interviews will be incorporated into our upcoming exhibit on the unpublished cartoon work of Vermonter, Stanley Lyndes. For decades, Lyndes drew cartoons about his family, providing rich, humorous insight into the culture of Vermont during the first half of the 20th century.

The interviews focus on eight Vermont cartoonists - Vermont natives Steve Bissette, Robert Brunelle Jr., Jon Chad, James Kolchalka, and Rick Veitch, as well as four cartoonists who, while not born in Vermont, make their homes here and create work about life in the Green Mountain State: Jeff Danziger, Rachel Lindsey, Tim Newcomb, and Stephanie Zuppo.

Andy is still undertaking interviews and Mary is gearing up for a VT Untapped episode on Vermont cartoonists!