I'd Take Blue Trees Anytime / Anne Cady

My paint is layered with care to bring life to the colors and in turn the painting. The approach I take is a spirited one that fills me with anticipation as I thread my own story through the story of this land. The barns, outbuildings and distant mountains also have a story to tell. They are families and they are friends and they live together in the landscape. When weather is coming, the trees dance in the wind on the edges of the fields or gather together in preparation for the storm. The old farm barns stand their ground with great dignity. They have been around for a long time and deserve a setting of honor. The surrounding mountains hold and proudly protect the land. The sky can either hold me here in the everyday or free me to imagine what lies beyond. The sky holds the power, the light, the mystery and the magic of life beyond. It pulls me beyond that last distant mountain or hovers above with great intensity like a mother bear watching over her cubs.

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— Anne Cady, Painter