Madeleine M. Kunin

Madeleine M. Kunin of Shelburne, Chittenden County, Democrat, was born in Zurich, Switzerland on September 28, 1933 and became resident of present town in September, 1957. Occupation: teacher/writer. She was educated in elementary school in Forest Hills, New York; Pittsfield, Massachusetts High School; University of Massachusetts (Amherst), (B.A., 1956); School of Journalism, Columbia University (New York), M.S., 1957; University of Vermont, M.A., 1967; Fellow, Institute of Politics, Harvard University, 1983; Honorary degrees: Norwich University, St. Michael’s College, Middlebury College, University of Massachusetts (Amherst), Green Mountain College, and Marlboro College. 1987 Chair, New England Governor’s Conference; Executive Committee member, National Governor’s Association; Executive Committee, National Democratic Governor’s Association.  Member of the House from District 1-8, 1973-74, Chittenden 4-8, 1975-76, 1977-78. Lieutenant Governor, 1979-80, 1981-82. Governor, 1985-86, 1987-88, 1989-90.