Ice Shanties

Individual Sponsorship Opportunity

Ice Shanties is an exhibition about the structures, people, and culture of ice fishing seen through the lens of Brattleboro-based photographer, Federico Pardo.

Pardo’s large format color photographs of ice shanty structures at “The Meadows” in Brattleboro, Vermont are paired with audio reflections from the shanty owners - drawn from interviews conducted by the Vermont Folklife Center.

The Vermont Folklife Center is seeking support for the production of the Ice Shanties exhibit, which will open at our Vision & Voice Gallery in early 2019 and then travel to our partnering venues across Vermont.

The Shanties

The exhibit features nine large format (36in x 36in) ice shanty portraits by taken by photographer, Federico Pardo, during the 2016 and 2017 winter fishing seasons. The portraits were shot at twilight/night using long camera exposures that create a surreal quality of daylight and starry skies.

Ice Shanties is a nocturnal and diurnal look at the use of space and the human expressions that can be found around the winter fishing huts in Brattleboro, Vermont.
— Federico Pardo, photographer

Smaller portraits of fish species and ice fishing equipment will be presented along with audio explanations of fishing techniques.

The Shanty Owners

While Pardo's shanty portraits provide a visual entrée into the material culture of ice fishing, interviews conducted with shanty owners by Vermont Folklife Center provide an opportunity to engage with the human side--the personal, familial, and recreational culture--of this seasonal outdoor activity. Audio excerpts drawn from interviews with the shanty owners will be available for listening in the gallery.

See below for a sample audio excerpt from shanty owner, Roy Gangloff.

The shanty went for a pretty good ride down the hill...
— Roy Gangloff
Shanty #7, Owned by Roy Gangloff and family.

Shanty #7, Owned by Roy Gangloff and family.

Ice Fishing in Virtual Reality

In conjunction with the exhibition, the Vermont Folklife Center will release a short virtual reality (VR) film about Chad Ives, one of the fisherman whose shanty is featured in the exhibit. Using VR headsets available at the gallery, visitors will be immersed in a 360 degree video environment and follow Chad during a day of ice fishing at The Meadows in Brattleboro, VT.

See below for a sample clip of raw footage from the film.

Support Ice Shanties

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