News from the Discovering Community Education Program!

In the 2016-2017 school year to date, the Vermont Folklife Center’s Discovering Community program has worked with 600 students in 13 schools around the state. The projects we’ve been part of have ranged from spoken-word performance about Hurricane Irene, to the documentation of a mock election, to stop-motion videos and community documentaries.

Our Education Outreach staff, Myles Jewell and Mary Rizos, as well as Kathleen Haughey and Greg Sharrow, work with teachers and students around the state as they explore how to incorporate media skills in the context of their content areas, curriculum requirements, and student and teacher interests. We support teachers and students with the technical aspects of media work and the conceptual framework of ethnography, and we support community connections and facilitate the sharing of stories within those communities.

Here’s the most recent project from the Discovering Community program - a photography experiment and the students' video documentation of it, at the King Street Center in Burlington, in January 2017.

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