Legends & Lore

Legends & Lore marker example from New York state.

Legends & Lore marker example from New York state.

We are excited to announce our partnership with the The William G. Pomeroy Foundation on their Legends & Lore® Marker Program.

Established by the Pomeroy Foundation in 2015, Legends & Lore promotes cultural heritage by placing markers—such as the one featured above—at sites associated with local traditional culture (for example: folklore, customs, legends, beliefs, traditional art, music and dance) in communities across the United States. VFC will serve as a grant evaluator for the Pomeroy Foundation’s expanding national Legends & Lore Marker Grant Program, helping to put the cultural heritage of Vermont in the spotlight.

Joining us in this effort is legendary Vermont author and folklorist, Joe Citro! We’re thrilled to be part of Legends & Lore and excited that Joe will be a part of our efforts.

Details on the program, including how to apply for a marker, available here: Vermont Legends & Lore Marker Program.