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Sansari Puja (Mother Nature Ceremony) Celebration

The Bhutanese Nepali Kirat Rai and Limbu community cordially invites you to the Sansari Puja Celebration from 9:30AM – 3:00PM on May 13th, 2017 at Battery Park in Burlington, VT.

Sansari Puja (Mother Nature Ceremony) is a community celebration usually held during the Nepali month of Baishak, or April in the Gregorian calendar. The festival is an appeal to Mother Nature and the Jungle Gods for blessings.

This one-day community festival calls for forgiveness, such that people in the community may live in peace, prosperity and unity, free from all forms of discrimination. Village elders open this festival by collecting donations from the villages, which usually includes vegetables, lentils, fruits, and home-grown chicken eggs.

“Shaman,” “Jhaakri,” or “Shaking Doctor,” is the main initiator of Sansari Puja. According to our mythology, if we fail to praise the glory or preserve the integrity of nature as a human fraternity, then nature would hurl destruction at us. The glory of the Shaman is an integral part of Nepali community. We have Shamans in our Bhutanese Nepali community who were trained by Ban Jhakri or, “jungle magician.” Shamans praise Sansari mata’s (Mother Nature’s) presence everywhere and how She acknowledges Her children; they also speak to various aspects of the environment.

Suggested Donations for attendees include fruit, juices, and water.

Hope to see you at the ceremony!

This event is sponsored in part by the Vermont Folklife Center.