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Minimal-Resource Filmmaking

The Vermont Folklife Center is hosting a daylong workshop, Minimal Resource Filmmaking, on Saturday, May 12, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Vermont Folklife Center in Middlebury. The workshop will be led by filmmaker Myles Jewell.

The near-ubiquitous smartphone has so simplified the acts of taking photographs and shooting video that many of us carry the power of a documentary filmmaker literally in our pockets. But how can we edit these photos and footage on a budget? How can we best use the technology we already have at our fingertips to film and produce our own documentaries? This workshop in minimal-resource filmmaking will show you how to create compelling stories without professional equipment.

Intended for anyone interested in creating documentary video using common digital tools, and for educators looking to integrate media-making into their classrooms, we will guide attendees in professional storytelling techniques.

Participants will receive an introduction to basic photographic composition and how to apply that to digital video, as well as best practices for shooting interviews and evaluating and editing video footage. We will also identify systems for managing media efficiently and troubleshooting technical problems with digital devices and editing software.

Our main purpose with this workshop is to re-imagine the concept of the video documentary based around the devices we already use every day. Althouth modern media-making is often caught up in “spectacle,” we believe that smaller, more “everyday” stories also have great cultural significance and their documentation and creation are accessible to anyone.

Attendees may use their own devices or the VFC provided iPod Touches for hands-on experience with editing tools such as iMovie.