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Media Skills and Project Planning for Educators

Media Skills and Project Planning for Educators

Friday April 7, 10am-4pm.  $95

Instructor: Mary Rizos, VFC Education Outreach and Professional Development Coordinator

Media-making can be a powerful tool for exploring subject-area content, for student self-expression and engagement, and for relationship-building within the community. Additionally, collaborative community-based media projects have students practice the interpersonal and technical skills that will continue to be relevant to their lives and work in the future.

This workshop will address the conceptual and technical aspects of media projects in the classroom, as well as the logistical considerations of how and when community connections are made, how classtime is structured, how the students’ work will eventually be shared. Attendees will be introduced to the philosophy and research methods the Folklife Center uses, will view student media projects (from a variety of schools and subject areas), and will have instruction and time to familiarize themselves with audio-recording, photography, and video editing. Participants will practice each of these skills during the workshop and produce their own mini-project by the end of the day. Substantial time will be given to discussion around how to transfer those skills back to classrooms: curriculum planning, project proposals, and discussion and feedback of participants’ own ideas for implementation..

This workshop is intended for teachers interested in acquiring the skills of storytelling and documentary work and bringing them back to their classrooms.

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