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Documentary Filmmaking Post-Production

Sunday, April 8, 2018, 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., ONE Community Center, 20 Allen Street, Burlington, 2nd Floor (Burlington Parks and Recreation), Room 8. $95

Documentary Filmmaking Pre-Production on April 6, Production on April 7, and Post-Production on April 8 together form a three-workshop series. However, there is no requirement that participants take all workshops, and none of the workshops is a pre-requisite for another. You may enroll in any one of the three, or enroll in two or all three.

Instructor: Filmmaker Myles David Jewell

Documentary filmmaking is one of the most dynamic and unpredictable mediums of storytelling and is an important tool for cultural sustainability.  However, the medium can feel daunting and reserved for only “big” stories, whereas in reality, it is just as important on a local level. In this workshop, no matter your level of expertise, come learn about the Post-Production phase of documentary storytelling with filmmaker and VFC Educator Myles David Jewell.  

The full-day Documentary Post-Production workshop will introduce participants to editing, logging interviews, radio-edits/interview string outs, pulling selects (making choices about the footage you will use), adding b-roll over interviews, and becoming familiar with Non-Linear Editing softwares, specifically Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as other free editing platforms and software, including WeVideo. During the class, participants will view clips from selected visual material, discuss the formal approaches to production and editing, and then execute certain techniques themselves in the workshop. Come with footage you’ve already filmed, or feel free learn the basics and find your story out in the world after the workshop.

This workshop is intended for amateur and professionals alike, students and teachers, small business owners and most importantly, storytellers.

This workshop will be held at the ONE Community Center, 20 Allen St, Burlington.

The tuition for this workshop is $95. Register by calling (802) 388-4964, by email at, or by filling out and sending (via email or postal mail) the registration form (available by clicking the "Register" button below).

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