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Minimal Resource Filmmaking

Instructor: Myles David Jewell, VFC Digital Media Instructor and Filmmaker
Price: $95

Due to the simplicity and easy availability of technology like camcorders, digital cameras and--perhaps most significantly--the smartphone and tablet, many of us have generated vast quantities of images and video that are a challenge to share in their unedited form. In addition, the near-ubiquitous smartphone has so simplified the acts of taking photographs and shooting video that any of us can carry the power of a documentary filmmaker literally in our pockets. 

But how can we edit these photos and footage on a budget? How can we best use the technology we already have at our fingertips to film and produce own documentaries? Through the power of minimal resource filmmaking we can tell compelling stories with the materials and tools we already have at hand. 

Intended for anyone interested in learning how to use common tools of digital documentation,, educators looking to integrate media making into their classroom with minimal resources, or students looking to learn more professional storytelling techniques, this workshop will cover the basic premise of photographic composition, media management, and editing content into a shareable form. It will also apply the lens that although modern media is generally caught up in “spectacle,” smaller or more “mundane” stories also have cultural significance. 

Attendees will receive a basic introduction into photographic composition and how to apply that to video. From good practices on how to shoot interviews, how to shoot to edit, scour already shot footage to edit dynamic looking videos, and managing media into a more workable form, we can all start to think differently about documentation with the minimal resources we have. The basic editing instruction will look at the commonalities between different non-linear editing platforms and how to get media into these programs. Attendees can bring their own devices to work with or can use provided iPod Touches to have hands on experience with programs such as iMovie. Finally, a basic set of research skills to troubleshoot technical problems and keep moving forward with media training will be implemented throughout the workshop.

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