El viaje más caro | The Most Costly Journey

The Most Costly Journey (in Spanish, El viaje más caro) is an ethnographic cartooning project that employs collaborative storytelling as a tool to mitigate loneliness, isolation, and despair among Latin American migrant farm workers on Vermont dairy farms.

The Most Costly Journey is a collaboration between the Open Door Clinic, Vermont Folklife Center, UVM Extension Bridges to Health, UVM Anthropology, and Marek Bennett's Comics Workshop.

The project is supported by the Vermont Community Foundation Innovations and Collaborations grant and other generous supporters.


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Marek Bennett, Comics Workshop

Julia Doucet, Open Door Clinic

Andy Kolovos, Vermont Folklife Center

Teresa Mares, UVM Anthroplogy

Jesse Mazar, UVM Anthropology

Naomi Wolcott-MacCausland, UVM Extension



Marek Bennett

John Carvajal

Iona Fox

Kevin Kite

Michelle Sayles

Michael Tonn

  • A Heart Split in Two (Esp | Eng)

Rick Veitch

  • One Suffers to Provide for the Family (Esp | Eng)

Tillie Walden

  • A New Kind of Work (Esp | Eng)
  • What I've Planted Here (Esp | Eng)