Classroom Applications - John and Tom

  • Brainstorm a list of ways in which people depend on animals other than as a source of food.
  • Based on your own experiences with animals, what are some of the reasons you think working with animals might be more interesting and challenging than working with machines?
  • Find out about how a particular animal is trained to do a specific job. (For example, a seeing eye dog or a carrier pigeon.) Describe the process.
  • Find out about the kinds of work that horses used to do in the place where you live. Don’t forget: horses were important in cities, too.
  • There are many different breeds of horses, including several types of draft horses. Research the main breeds of draft horses, and find out what is unusual about Morgans.
  • Research ways in which farmers still use horses. Horses can be especially important on some Vermont farms in the spring. Find out why.
  • In recent years people interested in sustainable forestry practices have started logging with horses. Find out more about sustainable forestry and the role that horses play in this movement.
  • Ask your friends or family members if they have any interesting stories to tell about experiences they’ve had with animals. The stories could be about any kind of animal and any kind of experience, good or bad.