VERMONT FOLKLIFE CENTER Vision and Voice Documentary Workspace presents

Evie Lovett describes photographing the Ladies of the Rainbow Cattle Co. as a personally transformative experience—transformative because she chose not to remain at a safe, comfortable distance on the margins of their world.

Instead Evie plunged headlong into the lives of these drag performers, creating an ensemble of images that invite the viewer into the intimate space of their basement dressing room. We are welcome there because Evie was welcome. These are unguarded moments because Evie had become one of the girls. Along the way she was wowed by the Ladies’ sense of personal freedom, their outrageous creativity, and their bawdy good times.

Evie brings a sense of wonder, a deep and abiding curiosity, and a fundamental respect for human difference to her work as a photographer. She is also a great visual artist. Welcome to Backstage at the Rainbow Cattle Co. Let your hair down and enjoy!

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