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Journey's End

The Memories and Traditions of Daisy Turner and Her Family

Winner of the 1990 George Peabody Award for Documentary Radio Programming

Tales of Daisy Turner and her family from their roots in Africa to slavery in Virginia and freedom on a Vermont farm. Narrated by Barbara Jordan.

Journey's End :: CD :: $14.95

Journey's End :: .mp3 :: $7.99
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Prisoners of War

A Story of Four American Soldiers

Prisoners of War: A Story of Four American Soldiers is a gripping audio documentary about four Vermont World War II veterans who were captured by the Germans in the first days of the Battle of the Bulge and held as POWs until the War's end.

Prisoners of War :: CD :: $14.95

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Under the Golden Dome

The Stories Behind Vermont's Citizen Legislature

The Snelling Center for Government commissioned the Vermont Folklife Center to interview 35 former legislators. The result is a ten-part radio series which allows a rare, very human view of the Legislature and its workings over the last fifty years. As with any commentary and observations over time, change has been a constant. Yet Vermontís State House still houses a unique citizen legislature where anyone can serve and in that process make a difference.

Under the Golden Dome :: CD :: $14.95


The Warmth Of Words

Wisdom and Delight Through Storytelling

Listen as Vermonters, ages 11 to 102, entertain you with their accounts of local legends, chapters from family history, ghost stories and reminiscences of village and farm life. A wonderful way for teachers, parents and grandparents to engage children in the pleasures of storytelling!

The Warmth Of Words :: CD :: $14.95


Video Documentaries

On My Own

The Memories and Traditions of Daisy Turner

Daisy Turner, at the age of 103, recalls her childhood in Grafton, Vermont and stories her parents told her about life during the Civil War era. The accompanying teacher's guide, included on the DVD release as a PDF file, provides an overview of the content and discussion suggestions for using the Daisy Turner video and audio recordings in a classroom setting. The guide also outlines units on storytelling and on researching African American history in New England.

On My Own: The Memories and Traditions of Daisy Turner and Her Family :: DVD, 28 minutes, with PDF Teacher's Guide :: $15.00
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