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Always In Season

Folk Art And Traditional Culture in Vermont

Vermont’s folk arts are both a reflection of the state’s occupational and social history, and a testament to the ingenuity, craftsmanship and storytelling skills of its inhabitants, past and present. This exhibit catalogue documents the rich heritage of traditional arts—needlework, basketry, stone and wood carving, painting, and pottery—and the stories of their makers.

Always In Season :: paperback, 144 pages, illustrated :: $14.95


Forty-Six Years of Pretty Straight Going

The Life of a Family Dairy Farm

Photographs and interviews by George Bellerose.

Forty-Six Years of Pretty Straight Going: The Life of a Family Dairy Farm follows Weybridge farmers, Larry and Grayson Wyman, over the course of two years and provides the reader with a detailed visual and first-person narrative of a working farm. The documentary combines 165 contemporary and historical photographs, the author’s background introductions, historical accounts of farming dating to the first settlers, and narratives by the Wyman family.

“My interest has always been the farmer’s world as seen from the tractor seat and milking stool, not from the more distant vantage point of the agricultural economist, historian, legislator, task force member or policymaker,” Bellerose, a neighbor of the Wymans, commented. “The Wymans’ story illustrates the difficult choices—economic, social, and environmental—that family farmers everywhere face.”

Forty-Six Years of Pretty Straight Going: The Life of a Family Dairy Farm :: paperback, 224 pages, illustrated :: $25.00


From Before My Grandmother

Artists from Vermont Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program

From Before My Grandmother, which features black and white photography by Jack Rowell, presents seven traditional artists from the Vermont Apprenticeship Program. This volume includes brief portraits of brown ash basket maker Newt Washburn, Yankee fiddler Ron West, Franco-American singer Martha Pellerin, Abenaki sweet grass basket maker Sophie Nolett, Irish button accordion player Eamon Flynn, Laotian pha kouanne maker Chansy Chareunsouk, and Abenaki dancer Deny Obomsawin. A rich introduction to the diverse cultural heritage of our region.

From Before My Grandmother :: paperback, 24 pages, illustrated :: $7.95


The General Store in Vermont

An Oral History

The general store was a social center in many towns; a source of news and gossip, as well as supplies. This book combines history, stories told by storekeepers, and photos for a fascinating account of this quintessential rural institution.

The General Store in Vermont: An Oral History :: paperback, 44 pages, illustrated :: $7.95


Granite & Cedar

The People and the Land of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom

Photographs by John M. Miller, with short fiction by Howard Frank Mosher.

A haunting portrait of Vermont's most rural region by two well-known Northeast Kingdom residents.

Only available in handbound edition limited to 200 copies.

Granite & Cedar: The People and Land of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom :: Limited Hand Bound Edition , 108 pages, illustrated :: $95.00


Here On This Hill

Conversations with Vermont Neighbors

Here On This Hill is a collection of personal stories, collected by Linda Goldberg, of life in a rural Vermont community. A postman, farmer, gardner, housewife, and others tell stories of their past and present in warm, cometimes funny and always insightful tales of life on Hollister Hill. The voices of real people reveal the hopes and fears they've gained from work, events occurring around them, and their feelings about family and neighbors.

Here On This Hill :: paperback, 152 pages, illustrated :: $8.95


Many Cultures, One People

A Multicultural Handbook About Vermont for Teachers

Bring this unique collection of interviews into the classroom and explore Vermont’s rich multicultural heritage. Text includes interviews with representatives of 22 different cultural groups who call Vermont home, plus essays on multicultural education, overcoming stereotypes, immigration history, and using community resources, and activity suggestions.

Many Cultures, One People :: paperback, 276 pages, illustrated :: $14.95


Memories Touched by Fancy

Vermont artist Bessie Drennan grew up in the same, rural community of Woodbury. Her delightful style and appealing subjects have found their way into many Vermont homes and treasured for their vision of life of earlier days. This is a guide to Drennan's work, her style, and charm.

Memories Touched by Fancy :: paperback, 40 pages, illustrated :: $8.95


Messages from a Small Town

Photographs Inside Pawlet Vermont

Photographs by Neil Rappaport, Nellie Bushee and Ella Clark. Preface by Jack Crowl, Forward by Jane C. Beck, Introduction by Susanne Rappaport.

For thirty years Neil Rappaport and his wife, Susanne Rappaport, undertook an in-depth project documenting the lives and work of their neighbors in Pawlet, Vermont.

Richly illustrated with Neil's remarkable photographs and augmented by text excerpted from interviews conducted by Susanne, Messages From A Small Town is a powerful, personal and respectful portrait of the residents of Pawlet from the 1970s through the 1990s.

Published in conjunction with the retrospective exhibit, In Place: The Photographs of Neil Rappaport.

Messages from a Small Town: Photographs Inside Pawlet, Vermont :: paperback, 135 pages, illustrated :: $30.00


Recording Words

Collecting Oral History and the Art of Interviewing

Drawing on the interviewing experience of VFC folklorists Jane Beck and Gregory Sharrow, Recording Words is a "how-to" guide for people who are interested in oral history research. This volume presents the basic components of an oral history project, from choosing a topic to preserving the recordings, as well as reflections on the role of memory and learning from elders. The appendix includes such practical materials as sample release forms, guidelines for transcription, and bibliography of related resources. A "must" for oral history researchers.

Recording Words :: paperback, 70 pages, illustrated : $8.50


Weavings of War: Fabrics of Memory

Catalog for the 2005-2007 national traveling exhibit, Weavings of War: Fabrics of Memory. Volume includes scholarly essays about contemporary war textiles from around the world, profiles of several of the artists whose work is featured in the show, and color and black and white images of textiles.

Among the contributors are curator Ariel Zeitlin Cooke, consulting curator/folklorist Marsha MacDowell, historian James Young, and folklorist Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett.

Published by City Lore, Michigan State University Museum and the Vermont Folklife Center.

Weavings of War: Fabrics of Memory :: paperback, 100 pages, illustrated :: $19.95
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