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Harold Luce

Master fiddler Harold Luce of Chelsea, Vermont, began playing in the 1930s for kitchen junkets, and for dances in homes, barns, town halls, and an array of other local venues. Today he continues to perform at fiddling contests, dances and festivals as well as to teach traditional Yankee fiddling to a younger generation through the Vermont Folklife Center’s Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program.

Harold Luce is one of three fiddlers featured in Visit’n 8, “Contras, Squares and Rounds: Fiddling the Night Away at Local Dances,” published by the Vermont Folklife Center.

Hear Harold Luce describe his performance debut at a local dance under the watchful eye of legendary Vermont fiddler and dance caller, Ed Larkin.

“Speed the Plow.” Harold Luce fiddler; piano accompaniment by Karl Brown. Recorded on 03/08/1990 in Chelsea, Vermont by Gregory L. Sharrow and Miles Smith.

“First Two Gents Cross Over.” Harold Luce, fiddler and caller; piano accompaniment by Karl Brown. Recorded on 03/08/1990 in Chelsea, Vermont Gregory L. Sharrow and Miles Smith.

For more information on Harold Luce, including audio interviews, transcripts and contact information, please call the Vermont Folklife Center.

Visit'n Voices:
A Multi-Media Companion to Visit'n

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