Mendon – Walking the Woodchip Parkway

This past Thursday, the Mendon Historical Society invited VFC Director of Education Gregory Sharrow and VFC Fellow Aylie Baker to join Mendon and Rutland residents for a walk along the famous Wood Chip Parkway followed by an Interview Workshop. Check out some photos!

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When Route 4 was washed out by Tropical Storm Irene on August 28, 2011, 250 Mendon residents were left completely isolated from the rest of the town. But it didn’t take long before residents found an alternate route – The Wood Chip Parkway. Running through private land, the path traces an old town road through the woods that connect Journey’s End and Helvi Hill. Wood chips were donated, as were golf carts, cookies and countless hours by volunteers. Students walked the parkway to attend school, and residents came home late into the night. Road crews worked for three weeks to open Route 4. During that time, more than 14,000 people traveled the Wood Chip Parkway.

Over the past few months, Mendon residents have embarked on an inspiring interview project called “Gathering our Irene Stories…Mendon Remembers.” They’ve held three Story Circles and after an interviewing workshop with Greg and Aylie this past Thursday, they will now begin individual interviews. Their plan is to produce a booklet and a CD recording of many individual stories.