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AU2010-3157 -- Kenneth (Wild)

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AU2010-3157 -- Kenneth (Wild)


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Interview: Kenneth and Richard discuss real estate and the valuation of property in Vermont. Talks about people purchasing real estate and possessions on credit. Discusses state government and taxation. Discuss taxes and property valuation of neighbors. 'Out of Staters' moving in to Vermont and buying land at high prices driving up taxes for everyone. Discuss the greater impact of taxes on farmers in the present compared to the impact of taxes in the past. Describe how farmers used to raise and sell livestock to pay taxes. Kenneth reflects on change in the state, 'Everything is going too fast anyway.' 'You take back here in 1930--nobody come up here unless they come here to see you. And now 15, 20 cars come through, on an old back road.' Describes the area around his property, walking 10 miles over the mountain to Stratford, VT, logging. Changes in farming. Describes his grandfather's death logging. Riding tree tops down hung up trees. Suspect this recording is a copy of another in the collection.


Richard Brick/Last Stand Farmer Collection -- VFC2003-0007. Vermont Folklife Center Archive, Vermont Folklife Center, Middlebury, Vermont, United States of America.



Audio recording copyright Richard Brick.






Brick, Richard (Interviewer) and O’Donnell, Kenneth (Interviewee), “AU2010-3157 -- Kenneth (Wild),” Vermont Folklife Center Digital Collections, accessed July 28, 2016,