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AU2010-3152 -- Kenneth (Wild)

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AU2010-3152 -- Kenneth (Wild)


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Interview: Discusses his pension and taxes. Talks about the increasing cost of schools and his opinions about contemporary schooling. They discuss attachment to the land and the history of Kenneth's farm and his family. 'I took over in '29 and I've been here off and on ever since. I put four years in the service, and outside of that that I was here most all my life.' 'I bought it in '29 and I had one good year, and then the Depression took over and I pretty near lost it then. And I stared after the Depression, I started building it up, and along comes Uncle Sam and says, 'I need you' so I went in for 4 years in the service and came back, and I been here ever since.' Talk about buring his horses on his land when they die, 'They earned their keep.' Discusses his perspectives on fate, destiny and divine intervention in relation to his World War II experiences. Discuss dreams.


Richard Brick/Last Stand Farmer Collection -- VFC2003-0007. Vermont Folklife Center Archive, Vermont Folklife Center, Middlebury, Vermont, United States of America.


Audio recording copyright Richard Brick.






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