Vermont Folklife Center - Digital Archive

Sound Recording ContentAmbient: Kenneth O'Donnell drawing cordwood from woods with draft horses and sled.

Sound Recording ContentAmbient: Pig butchering. Engine, water, hair scraping, cutting, metal pail.Interview: Economics of farming.

Sound Recording ContentAmbient: Pig slaughter and butchering. Knife sharpening, gun shot, water, metal pails, hair scraping.Interview: Economics of raising pigs. Details of butchering.

Sound Recording ContentAmbient: creaking door, footsteps. Interview: Property taxes, unused farm land, real estate, summer people, new people, selling land, Vermont politics (Thomas Paul Salmon).

Sound Recording ContentAmbient: Automobile, metal pails/containters, airplane, collecting water from pond, insects, pigs.

Sound Recording ContentInterview: Meat consumption, foodways, maple syrup.

Sound Recording ContentAmbient: automobile (Jeep), car door opening/closing, footsteps, loading vegetables (squash) into jeep. Interview: Brick asks questions about the car. Kenneth O'Donell discusses the economics of vegetable farming.

Sound Recording ContentAmbient : Unloading vegetables (squash). Freezer humming.Interview: Squash. Growing of vegetables--potatoes. Limited harvest of 1917. Economics of potato farming. Price per cord of wood. Social change in Vermont.

Sound Recording Content Ambient: Helen and Kenneth O'Donnell picking beans from their garden. Near the end of the recording, Richard Brick asks some questions about crops.

Sound Recording ContentAmbient: Helen and Kenneth O'Donnell picking squash from their garden and placing them into metal pails.

Sound Recording ContentAmbient: Farm sounds. Livestock bell, automobile, hinges, footsteps. Helen and Kenneth O'Donnell calling livestock. Pigs.