Searching and Browsing


Content in The Martha Pellerin Collection of Franco-American Song can be searched and browsed in a variety of ways.

Searching the Database

Simple Search

The search box in the upper right-hand corner of the screen allows for keyword searching of the entire database. Simple searches will look for the entered search term or terms across all database fields. Simple searches are the least precise, and will produce the largest number of search results.


Advanced Search

Beneath the Simple Search box in the upper right-hand corner of the screen is the link to the Advanced Search page. Advanced Search allows for more precise searching of the database. Searches can bee limited to particular database fields such as Title or Interviewee, or to particular types of materials such as aSongbook, Oral History or individual Song.


Browsing the Database

The database can be browsed in three different ways: by Interviews, by paging through each Song Book, and by individual Songs. To browse through the database content select any of the three browsing categories at the top of each page.


Browsing Interview Recordings

Browsing Interviews provides access to each of the interviews in the database including complete audio recordings and full transcripts.


Browsing Song Book Manuscripts

Browsing Song Books provides access to each complete song book and allows for page-by-page browsing of each book.


Browsing Songs

Browsing by Songs provides access to individual songs that have been excerpted from the full Interviews and complete Song Books. Songs can be browsed into two ways, by Item Number and alphabetically by Title.


Browsing by Item Number

The default browse for excerpted songs is by Item Number of each song in the database. This is a default setting in Omeka and cannot be changed.


Browsing by Song Title

To browse by Song Title select Sort by Title in the upper left of the screen below the header. Due to an unfortunate quirk in the way Omeka functions, on each page of browse results Sort by Title must be reselected.