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Malianís Song - Errata


The first printed version of Malianís Song contains a few printerís errors, as noted below (page numbers starts with the title page, so the first page of story text is page 2):

Corrections to the Text
Page Printed Version Correction
2 Nanibôsaid Nanibôsad
9 silver broach silver brooch
10 I asked my mother I asked my aunt
16 “Idam, akwi sagez,” “Akwi sagez,”
16 I’ve come to warn you I come to warn you
16 Madockawando Wôbi Madahôdo
21 Madockawando’s men Wôbi Madahôdo’s men
24 never spoke a word spoke no words
26 after a long time after two handfuls of winters
26 Madockawando Wôbi Madahôdo



Corrections to the Historical Essay
Page Printed Version Correction
28 silver broach silver brooch
28 Odanak, was situated Odanak, is situated
28 as part of the “St. Francis Abenaki” who became known as “St. Francis Indians”
29 more than half of his men almost half of his men
30 Bibiography Bibliography

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