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Critical Acclaim for Malian's Song

"Abenaki author Marge Bruchac ably manages the "translation" of spoken words to text. Her Malian is, in turn, an engaging child, sympathetic victim, and proud survivor. Illustrator William Maughan's 20 detailed paintings welcome readers right into Malian's family and community."

Quill and Quire (Canada's Magazine
of Books and Reviews)

"With able assistance from Maughan's carefully detailed, nonviolent scenes, [Bruchac's view of Rogers' Raid] receives a strong, evocative rendition for young readers."

Kirkus Reviews

"Malian's Song is a true story, truthfully told and beautiful illustrated. Everything about it is real. These are real people. The events of that night, names of the people, way of life and dress-all are faithfully portrayed, in words and pictures. Marge Bruchac has very clearly shown why it is that those who actually know our stories should be the ones to tell them. This is one of the best books for the age group that I have seen: for Native children, that they should know their history, for others, that they can learn some of it."

– Doris Seale, co-editor of A Broken
Flute: The Native Experience in
Books for Children


Critical Acclaim for the Vermont Folklife Center Children’s Book Series

“The series, a model for building a national culture from stories rather than bricks, offers something for everyone.”

– Daria Donnelley, Commonweal

“The series proudly promotes the richly diverse heritage that makes our country unique and strong. Americans of all ages will enjoy these keenly insightful and beautifully illustrated treasures.”

– Laura Bush, First Lady of the United States

“The series as a whole preserves the memories of a bygone way of life.”

Publishers Weekly

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