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Daisy and the Doll read by Vernice Miller. © 2003 Camel’s Hump Radio

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Daisy and the Doll, is based on a story that Daisy Turner used to tell about her childhood in Grafton, Vermont. Storytelling was an important part of family life when Daisy was growing up and Daisy herself was an excellent storyteller. Below is a sampling of stories and songs from tape-recorded interviews with Daisy Turner.

The story on which Daisy and the Doll is based told in Daisy’s own words when she was 100 years old.

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Long, long before television, the Turner family made their own fun by making up poems about things that happened in their family. Here Daisy recites part of a poem that was written by her sister Zebbie. It is about the time that their sister Violet saved their mother’s life by shooting an angry bull.

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More than 100 years ago young people used to gather at neighborhood play-parties to sing, dance, and play games. Here Daisy remembers the tune of a very popular game song called “King William Was King James’s Son,” which she played as a child in Grafton.

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“King William” was a very popular play-party song.  For the full text of the song, as well as two different versions of the game please click here.

Daisy’s family also sang songs to pass the time together. Here she remembers a song from her childhood, “Cruel Slavery Days.”

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After the Civil War this song was popular with freed slaves. For the full text of the song click here.